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                 welcome to my web blog                      


welcome to my web blog. I’m Rashed Arvin (Rupom) from Bangladesh in Dhaka. I like Photoshop result 🙂. I’m a Freelancer of Graphic Designer and Video, VFX Animator. This web blog simply Shared all regarding my Photoshop written material, picture manipulation, Speed Art Work and Tutorial Videos.
I’m an expert Graphic Designer, Photoshop skilled, Video Editor and have seven years of expertise. I will offer smart quality and fast service to my shoppers. These reasonably work, I will serve my consumer with full attention.

My Skills :

                                  01. Adobe Photoshop.
02. Adobe creative person.                                  how to create awesome soft light vintage poster effect photoshop tutorial cs6/cc
03. Adobe once result.
04. Cinema 4D.
05. Final Cat professional ten
06. EDIUS 6.
Work sort: Print Design:

* brand style. * Banner style.

                                 * card style.

                               * flick Poster style.

                                * Poster style.

                                * cowl style.

                                * Facebook Covers.

                                * Flyer style.

                                 * picture Editing: picture Manipulation, picture Retouching,picture Restoration,  *                                        picture Crop.

                                 * Image touch- up.

                                  * Background removing.

                                  * Color Correction.

                                   * Color Matching.

                                   * Masking.

                                     * Video Edit:  Intro creating, VFX work, Video Project Edit,

                                            Video written material.